Dolce&Gabbana iPhone Release

Dolce&Gabbana iPhone Release


Project Overview


Dolce & Gabbana's  “Rules for the Modern Gentleman” iPhone app is a a brand extension of their very popular fragrance The One Gentleman. Curated by Dylan Jones, editor of GQ UK, the app deftly covers style, etiquette and grooming for the modern gentleman. We provided the filming , copy writing, editing and direction on the numerous videos that accompanied the iPhone release. In conjunction with the App going live we also produce the promotional website.


Video Styling and Tone

Covering the topics of Etiquette, Style and Grooming, the app provides detailed useful information peppered with intelligent (often tongue in cheek) commentary and tips for a variety of modern generic situations.


Indispensible for any man about town, the app covers everything from which cutlery should be used at a formal table, to the correct way to tie a half Windsor knot, ensuring that any given situation can be mastered with impeccable judgment and effortless confidence.


The unique mix of Dolce&Gabbana luxury and tailoring expertise with Dylan Jones’s opinions and commentary, in both written and video formats, provide an invaluable reference for the truly modern gentleman.


Multiple Languages

As the App was launched globally we subtitled the edit into multiple languages and did multiple language versions of the promotional website.


Promotional Website

A simple promotional site linking to the App Store and built to work both on mobile devices as well as multiple browsers and platforms.




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