The Story So Far...

The Story So Far...

We're an independent interactive studio based in East London. We pride ourselves as specialists in advanced web design, live video streaming & production.


Initially as a duo we were actively involved within the net art community, creating experimental projects that were often live, real-time, collaborative artworks, creating interaction and communication between artists and audiences online. It was whilst collaborating in these early days that we decided to form a company to open up similar projects and experiences within a further reaching more commercial environment.


Our current projects range from advanced web design to experimental technologies that incorporate video as the main focus of exploration for interactivity. Over the past couple of years we have been designing and developing our own specialist high-end video hosting platform Spotbox, we use this for the vast majority of our projects to globally manage and distribute content to the end user.


We've managed to have grown from just two random guys from East London to a tightly knit team consisting of producers, web specialists, animators, graphic artists, editors and film makers.


In short we're a creative & technically led production company dealing with all aspects of online experiences for individuals, brands and you.



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Selected Clients & Brands


Here is a selection of nice souls that have decided to use our expertise and work with us on various projects.