Spotbox - Professional Video Hosting Platform

Spotbox - Professional Video Hosting Platform


Overview -  An Essential Platform for Professional Online Video


We've been working and investing in our video hosting platform for what seems like an eternity. From our early days of working within the production industry and developing experimental video streaming techniques we've combined our knowledge to develop a platform that caters for high quality video hosting allowing you to upload and manage your moving image content online.


In short Spotbox makes for a perfect video delivery system for professional portfolios, film & production industry websites as well as an advanced streaming service for those wishing to deliver content reliably to a global audience.


Versatile Online Video Platform


As a platform Spotbox is extremely versatile and has been developed to be used in a variety of different ways, it just depends on how you'd like to use it. Below are a few pointers on how other clients are utilising the platform :


  • Professional online portfolios
  • Company websites
  • Unlimited custom showreels
  • Online voting portals
  • Pitch work
  • Online archive
  • Password protected content
  • Up to HD 1080 video streaming
  • Digital Content Distrbution
  • Global event streaming

Super easy to use



The whole process is very simple, you collect and get your video content together,  then using the Management Console you upload and manage your content that you'd like to be shown online. Whether this is through your website or as bespoke 'playlists' directed towards selected viewers.


The Spotbox Management Console.



The Management Console is simple to use allowing you to administer content as and when you feel your online content is in need of a face lift or update. Using the console gives you the ability to edit and manage the content on your site, create new playlists or custom reels.


Managing and creating new content is able to be done on the move as long as you have an internet connection and a web browser.


Collaborative Site Management


You are able to set up accounts for collaborative working allowing for different levels of user access within the console. So if for example you don't want to upload the videos and transcode them yourself? then simply set up an account for the edit house, production company or other minion and allow them access to your 'Media library' so they can upload new content for you.


Got a producer or an agent? then get them to create and send bespoke playlists and custom reels to prospective clients. These custom reels can be branded to your individual site design.



Uploading your Content


You can upload to Spotbox in a variety of different formats from Quicktime to WMV's where once uploaded will be converted to stream ready formats. Other formats are also create such as versions for mobile devices such as ipads and iphones.


Short on time or if you have loads of videos or images to upload then simply 'Zip' them up and upload as one file where all the necessary steps are completed automatically on the console.



Once your content is uploaded then you are able to organise or modify your site using 'Playlists'. How you create these playlists is up to you as are the images you use to present from the automatic thumbnail generator.






Custom Playlists and Reels

It is simple to create custom reels to send to specific clients or individuals, these can also be password protected if the material you are sending is sensitive such as pitch work or funding for short films. Custom reels and playlists are branded to your player design and doesn't affect your main portfolio site online.



iphone and ipad Compatible

The more up to date Spotbox sites can also be access through apples' iphone and ipad devices that we built in HTML 5 so no need to download any Apps, simply view in Apple's Safari browser.



Trusted Digital Delivery Guaranteed

Spotbox is entrusted to deliver content by some of the worlds largest agencies and brands, we're also very lucky in the fact that it is the chosen platform for some of the top professionals working within the film and production industry.



Selected Examples of Spotbox Portfolio Sites

We are able to customise Spotbox powered portfolios so that each site can be branded and bespoke to each individual project. Below are a couple of examples of our tailored and bespoke site designs all using the Spotbox platform:


M&C Saatchi - Sports & Entertainment

Procter & Gamble

Alex Barber - Director of Photography

JJ Keith - Commercials Director

Steven Keith-Roach - Director of Photography



Worldwide Content Distribution



Our core servers are based here in London, a couple of seconds around the corner from the studio however we need to pump content out on a global scale, with this in mind we use our own CDN ( Content Delivery Network) which coincidently is that same that the BBC iPlayer uses so we know its reliable. In simple terms it means that wherever the viewer is in the world they will be downloading your content from a server that is based nearest to them… basically making it faster and more reliable for the end user to view your content.

Here is our list of servers located around the globe.


   United States :


  • New York
  • Los Angeles
  • Dallas/Fort Worth
  • Miami
  • Newark
  • Palo Alto
  • Seattle
  • St. Louis

   Europe :


  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Dublin
  • Frankfurt

   Asia :


  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo
  • Singapore