Military Precision Tactics... Weapons of Choice

Military Precision Tactics... Weapons of Choice


We have an extensive knowledge in producing live streamed events. We also have the added benefit of producing live multiple angle streaming techniques. Our video hosting platform and CDN (Content Delivery Network) means we can reliably serve global audiences.



Wondering whether its possible? You haven't seen anything out there like it before, we enjoy a good challenge and coming up with ideas that break the norm. We've produced some pioneering projects and we're always game for continuing this trend.



Directors, producers, editors and technicians are among our roster, everything from net based videos to more elaborate productions. Seeing as the majority of our sites incorporate video this string to our bow makes it possible for everything to be housed under one roof.  



We have our own animators and motion graphics experts who play roles in jazzing up our video productions as well as giving our web sites that extra sparkle. For our projects that are based offline our guys and gals come in very handy for live event visuals and productions.



Spotbox is our own high quality video hosting platform that allows you to upload, edit and modify your content online, making it perfect and a great work flow for professional portfolios, film and production industry sites that utilise video.