Ministry of Sound Top 100 DJ Awards LIVE

Ministry of Sound Top 100 DJ Awards LIVE




With over half a million voters in 235 different countries, the results of the DJMag Top 100 poll is always hotly anticipated, debated and awaited the world over amongst DJs and fans alike. This is our second year where we have streamed this prestigious live event that is annually hosted from London's Ministry of Sound. Again we designed and built the live player, this time adding extra functionality and set up our servers to cope with the heavy influx of global visitors wanting to see the worlds most successful DJ's streamed through their internet browsers.


Viewing Statistics & Stream Traffic


Internet traffic estimated to watch this live stream was quite high with a combination of over 700,000+ Twitter followers alone from the selected DJ's playing on the awards night. From this initial beginnings of the advertisements (banner ads) online we saw a steady increase in traffic to the site. It was several hours before the event was to start that we saw a dramatic increase in site visitors. Once the event was underway the re-tweeting on twitter from followers and Facebook users telling everyone they were watching the event steadily increased the viewing figures.

Player Countdown to Live Stream

Before we began the live stream to the public, visitors were met with our holding card together with a countdown timer whilst we set up the technicalities between ourselves and the camera operators at the event site.






Event Schedule Cards and Countdowns:

Throughout the streamed event there were to be specific breaks within the live transmission, with this in mind we built into the player the ability for our scheduled holding cards to automatically present themselves at exact times so that the viewers were informed as to when the next live stream was to take place.

From the logs and statistics we found that this benefited the sites owners as whilst waiting for the next live performance users started to browse and interact with other content on the site until it was time to resume watching the live stream.



Traffic Over a 6 hour period:


Unique Visitors : 50,000 approx
Total Duration : 13,481 Viewing Hours

New Members Registered : 4,685 (a rise of almost 10%)

Most Viewed by Nation : United States