P&G's First Ever Interactive Live Stream

P&G's First Ever Interactive Live Stream


Project Overview


P&G's first ever Interactive live stream allowed viewers from around the globe to view and ask questions to each of the brands where previously as a journalist or industry insider you'd have to attend the actual physical event. We provided the ability for a global audience to watch the event as it happened as well as ask questions to specific brand ambassadors through our interactive player.

We filmed , produced and directed the live stream allowing Emma Willis to interview the P&G Brand Ambassadors on the new range of P&G Beauty Products as a technological first for the brand.


Interactive Streaming Player

Those invited to watch the live stream where able to register themselves through the online player. We designed the front end of the player with a login screen informing the user of when the stream was to start, users were also informed by email 10 minutes prior to the launch of the event.


The player also had a running schedule keeping the viewer informed as to what brands were presenting and at what time they'd be showcasing their new line of products.


Real-time Questions from Viewers


Viewers were provided with the ability to ask each brand ambassador questions live on air through the player as they watched the stream. Directly below the video stream a text box allowed users to send specific questions and to individual brands. Each question submitted was sent to a specially designed backend admin console allowing the client to be able to moderate questions live on air before forwarding to the event presenter.


How it all worked?


The interactive player was sent live a week prior to the event allowing invited guests to register to watch the stream. All the motion graphics and production elements required for the show were prepared by us in advance ready to be live mixed from the venue when we streamed the event.


For a reliable and robust internet connection we used satellites opposed to using the connection provided at the venue as we couldn't allow for any drop in connection once the stream had started.


As we filmed the event we were able to LIVE mix our motion graphics elements using our own editing suite (*see below) based at the venue. Everything that was live mixed was then pumped through our satellite connection to reach those watching the event on internet.



Behind the scenes we used a laptop to view the incoming questions which we were able to moderate using our specifically built administration system allowing us to then forward moderated questions to the presenter's iPad.


Presenter iPad Communication

As the stream was going out live we were able to converse with the presenter through the iPad. From behind the scenes we could que her to who she'd be talking to next and give any additional information she's be needing as the stream happened.


Using the iPad we were able to constantly feed the presenter the client approved questions submitted by the viewers online watching the stream.


Questions that were not able to be asked at the time of the live stream were captured to be answered after the live event. We had a complete record of who was viewing the site and who had asked specific questions so that P&G were able to follow up with answers post the event.



Post Event Streaming



Once the live stream had ended the filmed show was available to watch online in its entirety or if the viewer so wished could skip to specific brands they were interested in.


View Post Event Stream: