Roisin Murphy - Interactive Gig Editor

Roisin Murphy - Interactive Gig Editor


Project Overview


We had Roisin's Brussels gig recorded from 9 different camera angles. Taking these 9 different cameras we synced them all up and built an interactive online platform that allowed users to edit their own version of the 2 hour gig.  Users had the choice to play around with 18 tracks where they were able to edit individual tracks from the gig and save them to a gallery for others to watch.


Online Video Editor


Editing was simple, users could view the nine camera angles simultaneously as the tracks played. To choose another camera viewpoint the user simply clicked onto the camera angle they wanted to add to the edit. 




Here's a little overview of how editing is done.....



Effects & Filters on Video


Along with being able to edit the camera angles we also made it possible to apply real-time effects onto the video. 


By simply double clicking on the timeline an effect box appears allowing users to tinker with coloured filters, video saturation, brightness and contrast.


Using a combination of filters and effects users could change the appearance of the recorded footage into their edits.

Saving and Re-Editing


We made it possible so that users where able to save their own edits or if they wanted to be able to revisit the site and continue with the edit from where they left off.


Once the user was happy with their lovingly crafted edit they could then 'Save to the Gallery' allowing all finished edits to be view by visitors to the website.


Gallery Section




Within the gallery section other users were able to view the final edits that others had submitted. For viewing purposes we set the finished edits streamed at a much higher bitrate so that the quality of the video was high enough to do the users edits justice.



Paperheads Thoughts... what next?

Our approach to this project was initially a proof of concept, since developing this online editor we have worked out a way of doing it LIVE as opposed to being pre-recorded. We've also figured out a way of boosting the performance of the editor allowing for faster download times and thanks to our tinkering with our global sever network we can pump out the content to users globally.


If you have a project that may work along similar lines then get in contact.


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