Smirnoff - Live Streaming Embeddable Player

Smirnoff - Live Streaming Embeddable Player


Project Overview


On May 15, we helped Smirnoff remix South Africa in a ground-breaking mashup of culture and music. The world’s biggest DJ/producer, Tiësto collaborated with South African rock band BLK JKS — named ‘Africa’s best new band’ by Rolling Stone magazine — for a legendary live performance inside an airport hanger in Johannesburg. Users on facebook and other internet users were able to watch the  event through our LIVE STREAMING embeddable player.

In addition to the live performance, the two came together to create an exclusive track which was available for download exclusively through our Smirnoff player.

The Tiësto and BLK JKS collaborated with the Smirnoff Experience™ as part of Smirnoff’s BE THERE events,a program encouraging others to create, seek out and participate in one-of-a-kind experiences.


Live Streaming Event From South Africa


The entire event was live streamed from South Africa to over 64,000 viewers online.


Accessible content through registration


To view any of the exclusive content, ie the live event or the free downloadable MP3, users had to register with Smirnoff. The player also gave the viewers the opportunity to listen to the new track and also view the 'behind the scenes' video of the collaboration between Tiësto and BLK JKS before the live date of the event.


Multiple Languages


Being a global event we built and designed the widget to accommodate multiple languages.






To be viewed only on Facebook?


Although the promotion and viewing of the event was through Facebook we designed and built the player so that it could be distributed all over the net, making it available for anyone to grab and share the player on blogs, other social networking sites and personal web pages.


Flash Promotional Banners


To promote the live event we made these nifty MPU's and Skyscraper banner ads to promote the Live Streaming date and free download of the exclusive MP3. 





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