BUG - The Evolution of Music Video

BUG - The Evolution of Music Video


Project Overview


The BUG website presents its latest offerings in high quality on its front page, we thought that seeing as the shows at Londons BFI showcases its videos on huge cinema screens that the website should also mirror this experience. We produced a dynamic back-end with a 'blog-like' functionality to showcase the archives of the shows along with the ability to update daily postings of interesting cutting edge music videos. The previous incarnation of the site was that of a one page poster of the next upcoming event which we have now transformed into a fully engaging website for all devotees of BUG.


Custom CMS ( Content Management System )


The site has a back-end system that we specifically built to meet certain requirements that the site for its administrators and users. We specifically built the ability for multiple administrators with varying levels of access along with individual member logins for member communication.


Our system allows for the inclusion of externally linked videos from the likes of youtube and vimeo etc allowing administrators to be able to allocate and input call sheets of individuals associated with an uploaded or embeded music video.


One of the intentions of the site is to build a detailed database of A) the most inspiring music videos and B) the individuals that worked on them.





Spotbox intergration


The front page of BUG is integrated with our Spotbox platform so that videos from the previous live show can be viewed in all their high quality goodness plus it makes updating a super simple.


BUG Quality Sponsors


Below are the lovely people that make BUG happen.. truly wonderful people who share BUG love as well as ourselves...





What is BUG



BUG: The Evolution Of Music Video was launched in April 2007 as an ongoing series of bi-monthly events at the BFI Southbank in London – the home of British cinema – celebrating global creativity in music video. Since then BUG has become a phenomenon.
BUG's objective is to give big-screen exposure to the most awe-inspiring new work in music videos. That means everything from work by well-known masters of the medium to young newcomers working on zero budgets. The sub-heading of BUG – The Evolution of Music Video – refers to the new democracy in videomaking created by the digital revolution – both in creating and distributing work. BUG is all about brilliant visual ideas, and as such BUG consistently unearths amazing new filmmaking talent.

The shows are hosted by Adam Buxton – comedian, writer, director and music video fanatic – and have become an essential forum for fans of music videos and aspiring film-makers alike. Each show sells out the 450-capacity NFT1 at the BFI Southbank – usually as soon as tickets go on sale, around six weeks in advance of each show's two screenings.

Guests since the first show have included Jaron Albertin, Dom & Nick, Kim Gehrig, Garth Jennings, David OReilly, Tim Pope, Keith Schofield, Dougal Wilson and Roel Wouters.
BUG has also presented special themed shows – including a Massive Attack special and the horror-themed Evil-ution Of Music Video – and is now spreading it's wings further. BUG hit the road in the summer of 2009 with appearances at top British music fests Latitude, The Big Chill and The Reading Festival, as well as the Greenwich Comedy Festival. There have also been special shows at the Playhouse in Norwich and, in BUG's first show outside the UK, the Eurobest advertising festival in Amsterdam


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