P&G Awards Voting Portal & Showcase Site

P&G Awards Voting Portal & Showcase Site


Project Overview


Entrusted to create P&G's first awards show to go digital we created an online Voting Portal for journalists from numerous prestigious publications to upload nominees work and decide on the awards shortlisted candidates. To promote the show we produced video 'call to action' mailouts as well as the awards website to showcase the winners and videos of the nights proceedings. In addition to the online part of the project we also created the overall branding, got our cameras in to film pre-show content as well as the event night itself. To top it all off we designed and produced the immersive 360 degree animated award show for the night proceedings.


Proctor & Gamble Awards Show Voting Portal

Previous years saw this entire process being done in print and using something known as the 'postal service'? so we provided the ability for the entire process to be done electronically which cut out a large amount of annoying admin work, saved loads of money as well as a few trees. Uploaders had a countdown clock indicating a how long they had left to submit their nominations, the voters could then log in and vote on who they thought were eligable for inclusion as the final nominees and hey presto the shortlist was agreed.






Spotbox intergration and Custom CMS


The voting portal, video mailouts and main awards site were all plugged into our Spotbox platform making it possible to perform all the video conversions and streaming delivery of content.
Using a our custom CMS (Content Management System) we where able to set up individual accounts allowing for varying degrees of security and access privileges set for the varying types of users who were participating on the voting portal. Each user was allocated their own personal login details and could upload a variety of different file formats to the system.



Video 'Call to Action' Mailouts

Prior to the event taking place we produced a series of video mailouts which were sent out to the press and attendees of the awards show. We got our cameras in to film T4's Rick Edwards doing a couple of pieces to camera, then embedded him in a lovely presented call to action webpage.


Awards Website

The awards website showed the award winners and their winning editorial pieces. The entire site was made in flash and included video pieces that we filmed before as well as a montage of the nights proceedings.



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