Digital Video Recording Live Stream Player

Digital Video Recording Live Stream Player


Project Overview


This is the second phase development of our Multiple Camera and Live Streaming player as a precursor to our phase 3 player that is currently in development.


What is it?


Simply put its a video player that is massively distributable, pulling in content of its 'mother site', to a far more reaching audience than they have ever seen before. In a week since its launch we have seen a massive uptake on 'Likes', site visability and a whole load of new viewers through social networks sharing the player.


As a live streaming player the user has the ability to rewind the stream so not to miss the beginning if they've turned up late as well being able to watch the recording of the stream immediately after the live event has ended. If you know what SKY + does then its basically the web equivalent .


Phase 3 is set for for more exciting developments.


Live Streaming Pre Event Promotion


With live sets being produced weekly our player enables pre event marketing with a live countdown to the event. Real time countdown clocks or the insertion of teaser videos allows people to start distributing the player on their own or friends Walls and Newsfeeds. Wherever this player is distributed the live stream will start once the countdown reaches zero.


The Shared Player on Facebook





Missed the live stream, turned up late or even the day after?


Unlike most live streams our player allows people to rewind, pause and resume so they never miss the beginning of the event. More so as soon as the event has ended it is available for playback immediately. Whether the event is watched post live or as live the ability to rewind and watch instantly after the event has ended is a feature we think is extremely important especially in terms serving a global audience where time zones are a factor. We think this is the way forward for the post marketing of Live Streams as well as serving the global community where content inevitably should be available on demand and immediate.


Shared Player in its live state



Shared Multi-Camera Video Player.




Our project for introduces 4 camera angle video delivery for the events it films, with this in mind we wanted to capture this within our player for the recordings that accommodate this. The above player uses one main camera angle as its main point of focus with the ability to switch camera seamlessly simply by clicking on another angle.


The player is set up to distinguish how many cameras are used formatting itself accordingly. See below.





Specific timeline Comments Facebook shares?


On the mothersite of we've added a whole host of new features that have proved very useful to its members the main one being live chat and the ability to add not just timeline comments during an event but also involve the users to name the tracks as they are being played.


Timeline comments now have the ability to post to your facebook wall whilst you are dicussing an event on The precise moment in time is sent as a video player along with your comment to the users newsfeed. So not only can you discuss the event on but also continue the discussion with your friends on facebook who also get to watch what you are talking about.










Embed the Player anywhere you please...





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