Interactive Facebook Live Streaming App

Interactive Facebook Live Streaming App


Project Overview

Our continual consultancy and development for the streaming site has led us to create our new interactive Facebook App. The app pumps out live streams using our DVR technology allowing users to make comments as well as track ID's in real time over long form media allowing for time specific discussions within a video timeline.


Those with Facebook fan pages are able to add the application to their event, brand and artists pages as 'tabs' allowing for further distribution and promotion of live and recorded sets filmed by


We're loving our new app and feel that we have created one of the most innovative platforms currently available to connect fans, events and artists through live and recorded video.



Unique Features & User Interaction.


  • Watch live & recorded sets, our DVR live player allows for immediate on-demand playback.
  • Timeline comments to see what users are discussing at specific points in an event.
  • Track ID suggestions give the users the ability to collaborate and build full track listings of sets.


Customise the B@TV Facebook App for single or multiple fan pages.


  • Stream the events and artists you love on to your Facebook fans
  • Configure multiple fan pages to show different artists and events specific to your audience.
  • Automatic wall notifications are able to be set for your preferred frequency of promotion .

Timeline Comments


Our comments timeline creates two forms of discussion for users:


  • Live Chat - When a session is streaming Live.
  • Threaded Comments & Replies -for both Live and Recorded Sessions.



With DJ sessions lasting usually two hours or more making a comment places it at the time code within the session on the comments timeline. Comments scroll automatically as the duration of the video plays, to read comments before or after the currently playing video the user simply scrolls, disabling the scrolling auto comments feature. 


Once disabled the user is able to skim through comments finding where the most discussed parts of the session are. Users can watch the associated video time code by selecting 'watch' next to the corresponding posted comment or if they wish to re-sync the auto scrolling of the comments simply select 'NOW'.


Building it this way take advantage of our DVR functionality of our live streams allowing users not to miss or interact when turning up late to a live streamed event.



Track ID Suggestions


Suggesting Track ID's allows the users to:


  • Suggest Tracks - Title of the track, artist name , producer and remixer.
  • User Votes - Users can agree or disagree with a Track ID suggestion.



As with timeline comments Track ID's are positioned at the specific point within the session where the track is being played. Users have the ability to vote up or down whether they think the suggestion is valid or not. Collaborating with one another produces full track listings for the associated session.


Users are able to skip to the relevant time code of the video once these are added. Track ID's can be viewed in timeline comments or on its own by selecting the option from the drop down menu.


Track ID's also work in a live scenario.



Facebook App Menu


There are 3 states that the App uses these are:


  • Live Schedule - up and coming live streams with countdowns.
  • Featured Sessions - Sessions that have been recorded
  • Now Playing - only available when a session is being watched and provides the ability to comment and suggest track ID's.




Open Graph API, Sharing and Automatic Wall Notifications.


After a user adds the app to their Timeline, app specific actions are shared on Facebook via the Open Graph. The more a user accesses the app their actions are more prominently displayed throughout the Facebook Timeline, News Feed, and Ticker, enabling the app to become a key part of the user's and their friend's experience on Facebook.


Below is an example of a users activity as displayed on the users timeline.




Automatic Wall Notifications.


Automatic wall notifications are posted to a users Timeline and Newsfeed in the following scenarios:


  • Watch a session for more than 2 mins
  • Comment using the apps timeline comments (*option to turn this off)
  • On 'Liking' a session




Above is the auto-posted video that a user is watching, likes or has commented on. Below shows the player that is viewable to all those others viewing the post once they click to play with the option to distribute the content even further.




For More details on the distributable player view here:


Digital Video Recording Live Stream Player



Adding the App to your Facebook Fan page


Adding the app is simple and can be configured to show the brand, events or artists the owner of a page wishes to show on their page.


  1. Click on a page below to add the b@ TV app.
  2. Select the profile on b@ TV you would like to show on your page.
  3. Choose the notifications you'd like automatically posted to your timeline
  4. Click "Add to page" to activate the app. 




View our App on B@ official Facebook page: facebook fan page


Add the app to your Facebook fan pages:


Add the Facebook App here


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